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Large Brown Eggs for sale!



Farm Fresh Organic chicken eggs for sale.  All chickens fed non GMO'S and free range openly over a 3 acres property. $4.00 per Dozen 




Organic Baby Food


In order for baby food (or any other food) to carry an organic label, it must meet the strict standards set by the USDA’s National Organic Program, meaning that it comes from fruits and vegetables that are not sprayed with chemical pesticides and meat from animals that are not given antibiotics or growth hormones. Organic foods don’t contain any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.




Fresh Chicken $4.50LBS



Organic Chickens for sale. These birds were raised free range and fed naturally of a 3 acre farm.  All food they were fed was organic & GMO free.





The White Holland turkey in the left side of the picture is very large in appearance, with snow white feathers and a red to bluish head. The beard is black, the beak is pink to horn collared and the throat and wattles are pinkish-white. Shanks and toes are pinkish-white, and eyes must be brown. The Standard weight for a young tom is 25 pounds and 16 pounds for a young hen although these ones are about 50 LBS.  The other type we have on the hobby farm is the Standard Bronze, also in the picture.  These birds are one of the largest heritage turkey breeds. They have also been the most popular turkey breeds in American history. Bronzes were originally a cross between the native wild turkeys (discovered by Europeans) in America and the turkeys brought to the colonies by Europeans and taste great.

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This is a tour of our hobby farm.  We started out with no experience and a dream of eating better.  We have been a hobby farmer for about three yeas now and have had a lot of success, some set back and learned a lot along the way.  A hobby farm can have different definitions and of course different forms, but the basic idea is that a hobby farm is a small scale farm producing either meat or vegetables, that is primarily for pleasure instead of being a business venture.  The owner or owners of a hobby farm typically have a main job, pension or retirement income.  Whatever the source, the point is that the farm does not have to make money. It can be solely for fun and better eating and lifestyle. This is the story of our hobby farm located in Stayner, On and the animals & birds that live there.  

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Enter your text herMuscovy ducks are great on the farm to control insects the natural way. They are particularly helpful controlling flies, grasshoppers, ticks and mosquitos. The males are large, weighing up to fifteen pounds, with the smaller females reaching about nine. Muscovy females are excellent flyers. As a matter of fact, given their preference, they like to roost in trees; their feet have strong sharp claws and are built to grasp, so that they can perch on branches. They do best in a chicken house as opposed to a ground nesting duck house. They are neither truly duck or goose, in fact, they belong to a group of waterfowl that like to perch high in trees (Cairininae) similar to the knob-billed duck and the African Pygmy Goose. Many folks believe that they're more of a goose than a duck. For instance, they eat grass, as do geese, have a similarly long egg incubation period of 35 days (compared with 28 days for ducks), and they don't quack. 

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Another fun project we did was raise three pigs.  With no prior knowlege of raising pigs, we jumped right into this one.  When done correctly, you can put pork in your freezer at a lower cost than what you would pay in the grocery store, and possibly even make some money when you have extra pigs to sell. When raising your own pigs, you control the feed and additives, so you know exactly what they were fed. You also have the satisfaction of producing your own meat.  You should start your project in early spring, around mid April, or in late summer. With constant access to feed, a 50 pound pig will reach a market weight of 250 pounds in about 100 days.

An easy source of food and fun hobby is raising meat birds.  A basic shelter to keep them dry is all that is required, Organic GMO food recomended and clean drinking water. When your birds have grown to full size, typically 5-7 pounds depending how big you want them, its time to process them into chickens for the freezer


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